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The Choose Love Enrichment Program is Unique!

We are honored that Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation has chosen the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement to “shine light on an organization that gives us hope that we can choose love, even during the darkest days”.

  1. It’s FREEJesse Lewis Choose Love Enrichment Program Pilot
  2. Created by educators, for educators
  3. The Program is more than just teaching lessons, it offers educators and schools a way to create a whole classroom and school-wide CHOOSE LOVE culture.
  4. Teaches and promotes the most universal, vital need and want of all: LOVE.
  5. This is a MOVEMENT to CHOOSE LOVE – this grassroots movement invites educators to connect with the CHOOSE LOVE staff and each other as part of a supportive CHOOSE LOVE community.
  6. This is a proactive and preventative approach rather than focusing on the negative issues.
  7. The story behind the program provides a shared emotional component which creates a strong buy in with the message and universality of “CHOOSING LOVE”.
  8. Lessons are presented as a formula for CHOOSING LOVE, Courage + Gratitude + Forgiveness + Compassion in Action = CHOOSING LOVE, which becomes a tool that is easily remembered and can be applied by any individual in every situation and circumstance.
  9. The message of “CHOOSING LOVE” in itself, transforms school and classroom climate, culture and vernacular.
  10. Combines Social and Emotional Learning, Character Education, Mindfulness, Neuroscience, Emotional Intelligence, and Positive Psychology all in one Program.
  11. Proprietary Neuroscience resonates with children and educators with images, acronyms and clear descriptions that make information easily understood and retained.
  12. Positively impacts students and educators and focuses on the researched emotional, mental, personal, and social benefits for all.
  13. Short, powerful lessons are designed to be easily implemented at all levels into current school schedules and time constraints (Elementary- 20-30 minutes, Middle- 10-15 minutes, and High School- 5-10 minutes).
  14. This program can be effectively used by individual teachers or school-wide both with powerful impact and equal ease of implementation.
  15. Little to no training required to teach the program.
  16. Little to no preparation or extra materials required to teach the lessons.
  17. Program offers extensive free resources including an Educator Manual, videos, and reproducible supplementary materials such as posters and bookmarks.
  18. Aligned with Common Core State Standards, American School Counselor Association Mindsets and Behaviors for Student Success, and SEL Competencies.
  19. Includes a social media component – to engage students “where they are” in a positive and productive way.
  20. We focus on, “Having a Lot of fun!”
  21. Materials are accessible and downloadable online.