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Tapping Meditations

Tapping is a powerful tool to help with mental, physical, and emotional health. Right now, more so than ever, it is important to use this tool.

♥  For Kids  ♥

It’s an unnerving time for kids right now and a tool like Tapping can be so powerful as they begin to navigate through this uncertainty. There are 4 different meditations based on different age ranges, each with specific language reflecting common anxieties at that age.

Coronavirus Stress: Anxiety Relief for Kids

♥  For Adults  ♥

When we feel fear, stress, anxiety, and other similar emotions, our immune systems are weakened and our breathing is constricted. The more we can come from a place of peace, the more we can take positive steps to support ourselves and our communities.

There are 11 Meditations in the curated collection, including:

I hope you find this to be just what your family needs!

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*Please make sure to wash your hands before and after any Tapping meditations. If you haven’t or aren’t able to, skip the face points and only use the other points.