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Welcome to the Choose Love Enrichment Program!

We are honored to bring Jesse’s message of Nurturing, Healing Love into your classroom. Let us get to know you by answering some quick questions below. You’ll then have access to our free curriculum that you can download today. This includes the Choose Love Curriculum for the grade level(s) you are interested in, a Program Support Folder with materials to support your implementation of the program, a Supplementary Resource Folder with additional extension materials, a Mindfulness Folder with additional extension lessons that further supplement the mindfulness component of the program, and a Survey Folder which includes educator and student pre and post surveys and a scoring guide to assess changes in perceptions and the overall impact of program use.

*Note on the middle school curriculum:

Thanks for selecting the Choose Love Program with your middle school students! We are completely revamping the Middle School Program and diligently working to have it ready for you. This is a new and very much improved program that will include some wonderful and strong content that we are excited for you to have. In the future, we will have separate 6, 7 and 8th Grade Programs ready for use. Right now, we have one Middle School Program that can be used across the levels. You will be downloading the First Unit, Courage, and the remaining Units for Gratitude, Forgiveness and Compassion in Action are on the way! We will send out an email notification once available.