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Scarlett Lewis attends a round table White House meeting on School Safety


Newtown parent’s efforts get recognition in Trump school-violence report


The report incorporated virtually all of the recommendations put forward by Lewis and the project she started in the aftermath of the Newtown shooting: The Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement.

Lewis has been a tireless promoter nationwide of the movement’s no-cost enrichment program, which aims to help students “become connected, resilient and empowered individuals.”

It essentially incorporates emotional mental health awareness into the school curriculum, Lewis said. She cited research that is incorporated into the report: SEL, as it’s known, “can lead to improved outcomes for educational attainment, employment and earnings.”

Emotional training at an early age “can also lead to a significant decrease in the likelihood of crime and delinquency, substance use, antisocial behavioral conditions, aggression and violent behavior,” the report said.

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