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Integration Programs

Tapping for Stress Relief in Classrooms

In partnership with The Tapping Solution Foundation
With Tapping for Stress Relief in Classrooms, teachers and students will learn how to use this self-regulating tool to develop an understanding of their emotions and a resiliency to take part in controlling them. The lessons are connected to the Choose Love Enrichment Program and can be taught within each of the four units: Courage, Gratitude, Forgiveness, and Compassion in Action.
We know that you value each and every child in your classroom. You value their academic growth and persistence, as well as their emotional well-being and ability to problem-solve in any situation. We created this program, by educators for educators, to ensure you have the tools and resources you need to teach all essential life skills. This Tapping for Stress Relief in Classrooms program will give you the knowledge and language to use Tapping for yourself, with individual children, or your entire classroom as a whole.

Download Tapping Solution materials here:

Download the High School Info Here:
High School Tapping Solution

Download the Middle School Info Here:
Middle School Tapping Solution

Download the
Upper Elementary Info Here:
Upper Elementary Tapping Solution

Download the
Lower Elementary Info Here:
Lower Elementary Tapping Solution


The Healthy Compassionate Touch Extension Program

This program explores ways of teaching children and educators how to recognize and use touch that is nurturing and helpful, and how to avoid touch that isn’t.  Touch is such an important aspect of who we are yet there is a lot of fear surrounding the topic. There are easy and simple ways to incorporate touch into the classroom that support the reduction of aggressive, problem behaviors and enhance the connection and sense of belonging for the children. When children are asked “show me what love looks like” they reach out and touch each other.
Information and guidelines are presented in the form of a series of videos and worksheets. These resources have been created to support educators formulate their own way of using healthy compassionate touch within their classrooms.
Created by Kate Mackinnon Co-founder of Touch Matters

Download Compassionate Touch Materials Here:

Download the Intro Info Here:
Compassionate Touch Intro

Download the Elementary School Info Here:
Compassionate Touch Elementary

Download the Middle School Info Here:
Compassionate Touch Middle

Download the High School Intro Info Here:
Compassionate Touch High School Intro

Download the High School Info for Students Here:
Compassionate Touch High School Students

Download the High School Info for Teachers Here:
Compassionate Touch High School Teachers

Download the High School Latino Cultural Perspective Here:
Compassionate Touch – HS Latino Cultural Perspective

Download the School Nurse Info Here:
Compassionate Touch School Nurse

Download the Overwhelmed Child Info Here:
Compassionate Touch Overwhelmed Child

Zensational Kids Program

Mindfulness lessons and activities provided by Zensational Kids.

Along with building knowledge and awareness of social and emotional skills through the Choose Love Program, we have partnered with Zensational Kids to combine the tools of yoga and mindfulness into our curriculum. These additional lesson plans will provide you with avenues to explore breath, movement and mindfulness with your students, as well as for yourself. Research is demonstrating how these specific tools help the nervous system relax, organize and process information, which is not only essential for learning, but also living healthy, happy lives. Yoga and mindfulness have been found to be highly effective practices to help students self-regulate, manage big emotions, focus their attention, and develop resilience. In order to care for the academic welfare of our students, taking an active role in caring for their overall well-being has become paramount in education. Mental health issues are on the rise and helping our students to cope with the trials of life, as well as learning, need to take a front seat in every classroom.

Download Zensational Activities Here

Zensational Activities

Zensational Activities

All Calm Down

The idea was borne out of the beautiful scientific research by Dr. Bruce H. Lipton, PhD., world famous cell biologist and author, who produced irrefutable proof that pregnant women send signals to their developing babies about the environment they will be born into. A calm, happy, relaxed mother will produce a baby with a more developed frontal lobe, who will be calmer and smarter. In contrast, if the mother is stressed out, worried and/or anxious, the baby’s hind brain will be more developed as well as its high twitch muscles, making it a natural born fighter. Children born into more impoverished areas with high rates of gang violence to mothers who are understandably stressed out keep the violence cycle going. By focusing our efforts on our society’s violence problem, we can do as Frederick Douglass once advised: “It is easier to build strong children than repair broken men.”


As large as the world is, we have seen how much harm unstable individuals can do to innocent people everywhere. This video series has been expanded to include teens, and everyone else. Since stress is also the common denominator in every disease, we hope to help people keep their health, as well as create calmer, less chaotic lives. These videos will be easily accessed from any smart phone and any computer in the world. For more information, visit All Calm Down on Facebook.

Healthy Grieving Extension Program

We have partnered with Dianne Gray, President of Hospice & Healthcare Communications and Board Member of the Elisabeth Kubler Ross Foundation, to create the Healthy Grieving Extension Program. Grieving is a normal part of life and we hope to demystify this process and take away the fear that is facilitated by our misunderstandings.

There is nothing in life that can really prepare us for the death of a loved one. Whether the death is sudden or as a result of a long term illness, it always catches us off-guard. We believe that we can help to change the experience of grief and loss, into a journey of hope and transformation because as Dianne says, “Grieving well is by choice. Choice is the most powerful tool we have.” We have provided separate guides for children, teens, and adults to follow, where you can learn about the grieving process for each age group respectively. We have included tips and tricks you can use to approach and assist someone who is grieving, or for you to use to help in your own grieving journey. It will take time, but you CAN heal – let us help. Download the guide that best suits your needs now and start healing.

Download the Healthy Grieving for Children Info Here:
Healthy Grieving Extension Program – Children

Download the Healthy Grieving for Teens Info Here:
Healthy Grieving Extension Program – Teens

Download the Healthy Grieving for Adults Info Here:
Healthy Grieving Extension Program – Adults

Watch all five Healthy Grieving Lessons HERE.