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Choose Love Professional Development

Learn more about the Choose Love Movement

Is your school beginning to implement the Choose Love Enrichment Program? Do you want to learn more about the Choose Love formula and the neuroscience and research behind our programs? If so, please take some time to watch the following 2-part video by the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement founder Scarlett Lewis. These videos are very similar to the talk Scarlett gives when visiting school districts and providing professional development. You will learn more about how the Choose Love Enrichment Program and extension programs came about, how the skills taught through this program can save lives, and how YOU can be part of the solution.

How Do You Choose Love?

Choosing Love means having the courage to be grateful when life is not easy, to forgive, even when the person who hurt you is not sorry, and to step outside your own world to help someone else. That is how to Choose Love, and the empowering lesson is that it is a choice! When we choose love in our thoughtful responses we take our personal power back and make the world a better place. Learn how you can be a part of the Movement!

Choose Love Presentation by Scarlett Lewis 

Click on the following links to watch the 2-part presentation about Choose Love.