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Choose Love Webinar

Scarlett Lewis has traveled the Globe inspiring people to live a happier, more fulfilling life by Choosing Love. Now you can join Scarlett from your classroom, office or living room as she delivers her powerful message in the premier episode of the Choose Love Webinar Series. She will reveal a simple formula for Choosing Love and how this formula can be used in any circumstance to promote self-empowerment, resilience, connection and optimism. Scarlett will discuss her journey and describe how Jesse’s message has taught her to embrace a deeper meaning of gratitude, forgiveness and compassion.

View the most recent Choose Love Webinar from April 18 here

Learn How You Can:
Use a formula for Choosing Love in any situation 
Face the impossible
Find courage when you think you have none
Cultivate faith instead of fear
Choose a loving thought over an angry one
Learn the power of choice
Discover the physical, mental and emotional benefits of Choosing Love

Understand the neuroscience and brain research behind Choosing Love  Tune in and learn more about the empowering formula that can lead you, your students and your children to Choose Love in every situation to create a safer, more peaceful world.

Who Should Attend:
Anyone who would like to learn how to Choose Love 

View the Choose Love Webinar from March 28 here