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Choose Love Lessons, LIVE

Welcome to Choose Love Lessons, LIVE!

This series of live, online classes originally ran from March 16, 2020 through March 27, 2020 in an effort to help children and their parents/caregivers manage feelings of anxiety and uncertainty in response to the developments related to Coronavirus.  The classes are targeted toward elementary school-aged children (K-5) and their parents/caregivers.

In addition to the replay of each class, you will also find supplementary videos, printable worksheets and other resources to support your use of this program.

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To submit questions, project photos and/or other feedback, email Nicole.

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Day 1: Training Your Brain to Choose Love

What Does It Mean To Choose Love?


Nudge The Numbat Printable

Flip Your Lid Worksheet

The Amygdala Hijack Printable

Assignment: Make A Brain Model Puppet & Teach Someone Else

Create your own Brain Puppet and teach someone else about the Lizard Brain, the Numbat Brain and the Human Brain!

Make Your Own Brain Model PUPPET

Show us your puppet! Have your parent or caregiver take a picture of it and email it to Nicole.

Day 2: Courage, Lesson 1

What is COURAGE?

BRAVE BREATH Illustrated Instructions

Scarlett Demonstrating Brave POSE — she does this before EVERY speaking event!

Let’s see YOUR Brave Pose!

Have your parent or caregiver take a picture and email it to Nicole.

Assignment: EnCOURAGE Your Neighbors

You can print out these pages and decorate them or create your own posters — display them where your neighbors can see them!

EnCOURAGE Your Neighbors Printable

Day 3: Courage, Lesson 2

These are students at an elementary school in Hawaii who learn Choose Love in their classrooms EVERY DAY!  Wouldn’t you LOVE to have Choose Love be part of your classes every day???

Here’s the HEROES video from our friend Kid President ** Please note, this is from YouTube so we can’t control the ads and/or what videos come before or after this one ….**

Activity Worksheets

This is a FUN packet of coloring and courage exercises!  –> Courage Worksheets


Today, if you would like, you could create a card or letter of enCOURAGEment for our friend Sgt Webster, who is a medic for the Army National Guard and is a HERO in so many Extra-extra-extra-extra-ordinary ways!  The thing about heroes is that they inspire others to be heroes, too — if Sgt Webster inspires you to be a hero, let him know!! Once your have created your card or picture or note, please have your parent or guardian take a picture of it and email it to me at  I will print it out and create a packet to send to him via mail.

Send me your notes and pictures! Have your parent or caregiver take a picture of them and email them to Nicole.

Day 4: Gratitude, Lesson 1

Do You Have An Attitude of Gratitude?


Attitude of Gratitude Coloring Page

Gratitude Word Search

Gratitude Scavenger Hunt


Day 5: Gratitude, Lesson 2

The Gratitude Breath

Weekend Assignment:

Have A Lot of Fun!!!


Class Replay


This is a link to the “Just Breathe” video — please note that it is hosted on YouTube, and may include advertisements and/or have videos before or after it that we can’t control and you should have a parent or caregiver watch it first.


When you’ve finished filling your Anger Basket, have your parent or caregiver take a pic and email it to Nicole.

Class Replay


Forgiveness, according to Kids

What is Forgiveness?


Forgiveness Cards

Apology Cards

Class Replay




Ripple effect experiment

Class Replay



Positive Affirmations

Compassion Puzzle (For Two)

Final Assignment

Watch this video (please note, it is hosted on YouTube so we can’t be responsible for ads or what videos come on afterwards)

  1. Draw a picture of your face, looking at you from a mirror.
  2. Underneath, or on a separate piece of paper, write a list of at least 5 positive things your reflection would say to you or about you.
  3. Email it to me if you want to share!

Class Replay

Now You Know The Secret Formula!


For Our Choose Love Champions

With such gratitude!

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