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Choose Love Calendars

Action Steps Calendars

We’ve created an Action Step Calendar for each of the 4 traits in the Choose Love Formula. These are universal and not assigned to a particular month so that you may use them when you wish.

They have the days of the week and 32 action steps or ways to practice the traits. It is our hope that these calendars will encourage and guide everyone in taking small, but impactful steps to practice Courage, Gratitude, Forgiveness, and Compassion in Action on a daily basis.

For educators, these can be used as part of morning announcements school-wide to give students and staff concrete ways to practice the Choose Love Formula traits.

You can also use them during the teaching of a unit to supplement and reinforce the teachings. These calendars can also be sent home to families/caregivers so that students can practice these traits at home with their families.

We challenge everyone to work these steps into their lives to not only positively impact themselves, but also those around them.

Courage Calendar

Gratitude Calendar

Forgiveness Calendar

Compassion in Action Calendar

Monthly Calendars

Each month a Jesse Lewis Choose Love Calendar will be created. These calendars can be shared district wide. Educators can write the daily quote on the board and refer to it during the morning meeting or announcements. It can be shared with parents, community members, public libraries, recreation centers and coaches. We have this downloadable calendar available in both English and Spanish. Please click below to view and download:

February 2020 Calendar (English)

January 2020 Calendar (English)

December 2019 Calendar