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Educators Choosing Love for e-Learning

How Educators and Students are Embracing Choose Love

Loving Thoughts with Scarlett Lewis

What to Watch

Our Ambassadors, Educators and students have created videos on Choose Love, how it helps and fun and creative ways to Choose Love.
If you have video lessons or creative projects that you’d like to share, let us know at, or tag us on social with hashtags #ChooseLoveForSchools.

Through the Eyes of Nii

Fun video making a Choose Love Cartoon by a Choose Love Ambassador in Hawaii.

After-School All-Stars Hawaii

This video takes a look into how our brain works, and how we make critical choices in our response to situations. Auntie Dawn teaches us that understanding our brain helps us to choose aloha over fear. Watch the video to learn more about how you can choose aloha in your daily life.

Watch St. Andrews Choose Love

High school students in TEXAS teaching Choose Love Lessons to grades K-4! The entire operation is run by the students.

Rhode Island Choose Love

Our own Scarlett Lewis, Terry Lee Cafferty and Karen Murphy talk about how students and educators of South Kingston High School came together to CHOOSE LOVE and be part of the solution!

Choose Love to Thrive

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