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scarlett-global presence-winner-2019
24 Oct: Scarlett Lewis Receives The Global Presence 2019 Humanitarian Award

Lewis Created No Cost Social and Emotional Learning Programs after 6 Year Old Son was Killed at Sandy Hook Elementary Scarlett Lewis was presented with the 2019 Global Presence Humanitarian Award by the Global Presence. Scarlett Lewis founded The Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement, a nonprofit organization dedicated to Social and Emotional Learning, after who lost her six-year-old son in the Sandy Hook School tragedy. On December 14th 2012, Newtown Connecticut mother Scarlett Lewis endured an unimaginable trauma – the…

Champions Choose Love
09 Oct: Champions Choose Love

New Program: Champions Choose Love Inspire athletes to make the right decisions ON and OFF the field! We are pleased to announce our newest program, Champions Choose Love. This a no-cost athletic-inspired SEL program is geared for athletic directors of schools and all types of athletic programs to bring SEL to youth and teen athletes. The program inspires sportsmanship, builds character and teaches vital life skills. Champions Choose Love is modeled after the Choose Love Enrichment Program and focuses on…

29 Sep: Scarlett Named to List of Top 10 Industries for U.S. Women Business Owners

Top 10 Industries for U.S. Women Business Owners Women understand that a good education can change lives. After Scarlett Lewis’ son died in the Sandy Hook shooting, she wanted to find a way to prevent shootings from happening again. So, she started an educational program called Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement, built around a social and emotional curriculum that scientifically reduces the risk of violent behavior. Through these tools she teaches students about choosing love over hate. Full article (The Story Exchange) HERE.

west warwick
22 Sep: WWHS Launches Choose Love Enrichment Program

WWHS rolls out Choose Love social and emotional learning program Walking through the front doors of West Warwick High School, it’s almost palpable. “I feel like the whole vibe has changed,” Isabella Santilli, a senior at the school, said as she sat at a table across from her friend and classmate Paige Tomasso. “We’ll be sitting in class and somebody will say something, and another person will say, ‘choose love.’” Having both helped lead the roll out this fall of…

19 Sep: Little Red School Joins Choose Love Movement

Little Red joins ‘Choose Love’ movement With Lewis standing in front of them, the students learned about her Choose Love Movement, an effort to prevent similar tragedies by implementing social and emotional learning programs in communities that now include Santa Cruz County. “It’s not just about our rating in teaching math, science or social studies. It starts with empowering children to be resilient, to choose love, to stop bullying,” school principal Kathy Romero said about bringing the program to her…

Bekind21 steps
18 Sep: Choose Love Movement Joins Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation for the #BeKind21 Challenge

Pledge Participation and use the Choose Love Formula Kindness Calendar. The Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement™ joined Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation for its second annual #BeKind21 Challenge. The 21 Days to Be Kind Challenge encourages young people, families, and teachers to build habits that foster kindness and promote the strength and wellness of their communities. The Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement has created a kindness calendar with 21 ways you can choose kindness through the Choose Love Formula…

Choose Love hands
30 Aug: Promoting Love through Choose Love Movement

Mother of Sandy Hook victim promotes love through Choose Love Movement Scarlett Lewis’ first step toward healing after her son Jesse’s murder began with three words. “Three days after Jesse’s murder, I came back to the farmhouse that we shared and I found a note that he had written on our kitchen chalkboard. He had written three words: nurturing, healing love,” said Scarlett. Jesse’s message not only helped Scarlett to forgive the shooter who ended her son’s life, but also…

Sandy Hook mom: By choosing love we disrupt pathways to violence
30 Aug: Scarlett shares Choose Love Philosophy with Students at Sullivan High in Indiana

Sandy Hook mother: Choose love, disrupt the pathways to violence Now used in all 50 states and several countries, Choose Love focuses on the universal teachings of courage, gratitude, forgiveness and compassion in action. It is being implemented in grades kindergarten through eight this year at Southwest Sullivan School Corp. and will later be incorporated into the high schools. The curriculum encourages individuals to choose loving thoughts over angry thoughts, which in turn impacts how one feels, behaves and interacts…

Educate the Heart
26 Aug: Bozrah, CT School Learns Choose Love Message

Newtown mother spreads message of love at Bozrah school Scarlett Lewis, the mother of a 6-year-old killed in the December 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, has dedicated her life to “creating a culture of safety from inside and out for every child.” “I quit my job and realized I had to spend my life finding a solution,” Lewis said on Monday. The solution comes from within she said, through “social and emotional learning,” that teaches…

14 Aug: Why Isn’t There an Algorithm to Predict School Shooters?

Why Isn’t There an Algorithm to Predict School Shooters? We know the characteristics that make up mass murderers and even how to prevent shootings from happening. Now the key is to prevent the pathway to violence and get them the help they need by putting a social and emotional learning program in every school! The Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement has different programs that are easy to implement by administrators, educators, family members, community leaders, business owners, coaches and athletes,…

Scarlett 1
13 Aug: Depot Youth Center’s $100k Grant Brings Choose Love to Darien Middle Schoolers

Depot uses $100k grant to bring ‘Choose Love’ to Darien middle schoolers The Darien Foundation has awarded a three-year grant totaling $100,000 to The Depot Youth Center in Darien to fund a new middle school age initiative, launching in the 2019-2020 school year. The grant will endow The Depot’s new Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement program for seventh and eighth grade boys and girls…“After looking for an appropriate social and emotional learning (SEL) program to be held at The Depot,…

Nelson Mandela
05 Aug: Sending “Nurturing Healing Love” to El Paso and Dayton

Sending “Nurturing Healing Love” to El Paso and Dayton. Written by Scarlett Lewis We are sending “Nurturing Healing Love” to El Paso and Dayton. I grieve with you. I understand the depths of your sorrow. There are no words… After Jesse’s murder, I dedicated my life to being part of the solution to the issues we’re experiencing in schools that translate into our society. In addition to escalating gun violence, the latest data showed 71% of our schools reported violence….

John Cafferty
25 Jun: From ‘The Dark Side’ To Hearts On Fire — John Cafferty Headlining Choose Love Benefit

How John Cafferty Joined the Choose Love Movement John Cafferty sat down with the Newtown Bee and revealed how he learned about the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement. DANBURY — How did the creative artist behind one of the most popular movie bands of all time connect with a nonprofit movement that sprung from the heart of the Sandy Hook tragedy? As he explained it during a recent interview with The Newtown Bee, it was family that helped put John Cafferty…

03 Jun: What is Post Traumatic Growth?

PTSD vs. PTG Almost everyone has heard of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), the vast majority of us experience something called post-traumatic growth (PTG) following difficulty or trauma. PTG is when we are strengthened through our experience and learn valuable lessons that translate into personal growth. While most people have never heard of PTG, we know when we are aware of something, we experience the benefits exponentially. We all feel pain (physical, mental, emotional) which can provide a tremendous opportunity for…

Plato fun
07 May: Why is FUN and PLAY So Important?

The Importance of FUN and PLAY by Stephanie Bierman, Director of Program Development; Curriculum and Resource Writer While the Choose Love Movement and Program have a large focus on Choosing Love, we also have 5 words that our movement and program are grounded in which are, “Have A Lot of FUN!”. These words are important in more ways than one. They are particularly special and meaningful because they are the words of Jesse Lewis. Jesse left a note for his…

Have a lot of fun
26 Apr: Have a Lot of Fun!

Jesse Lewis Left a Note for his Brother. It read, “Have a lot of fun” Jesse left a note for his big brother, folded on his desk. This was a last message left for an older brother from a younger brother. JT found it after Jesse’s murder. He wrote, “Have a Lot of fun.” This message has proven to be incredibly sage advice, along with Jesse’s other messages including, “Nurturing Healing Love” that has gone around the world and is…