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Advisors, Consultants & Volunteers

Advisory Committee

Provides expertise and guidance to the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement™ team.

  • Ric Calvillo, Nanigans – LinkedIn
  • Ingrid Gerrits, Motivational Speaker
  • Carol Gormin, HR Executive
  • Sarah Obuchowski, Darien Elementary Teacher
  • Claudia Santi-Fernandes, Doctoral Candidate, Formerly with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence – LinkedIn
  • Jimmy Sapia, Rippowam Middle School Fifth Grade Teacher
  • Kristen Sharma, Inspired!, Inc. – LinkedIn
  • Sunil Sharma, Founder SharmaWisdom, Author of “From Here to Happiness” – Bio
  • Maya Soetoro-Ng, University of Hawaii and Ceeds of Peace – Bio
  • Chin Rodger, Chin and Scarlett connected after both experienced the most extreme and profound loss, though from opposite ends of their tragedies. Chin is working to support Scarlett and The Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement in their efforts to bring social emotional learning into all schools, to inspire others to choose love and kindness over anger, fear and hate. Chin is also involved in numerous humanitarian efforts in the US and abroad.
  • David Romanelli, Founder of Yeah Dave and Author of Happy is the New Healthy – LinkedIn
  • Jacqueline Simpson-Dunne, APRN, Child Mental Health Solutions, LLC
  • Danielle Rathey, Ph.D., Founder, Connecticut AccessABLE
    Adjunct Professor, Neag School of Education
    Affiliate, UCONN InCHIP – LinkedIn

Consultants and Volunteers

  • Diane Alena, Copy Editing – LinkedIn
  • Erin Birden, Writer, Elementary Morning Meeting Infusion Activities
  • Barbara Boller, Psychologist, Elementary and Middle School Editing
  • Jennifer Bondaldo, High School Consultant
  • Lynn Bowers, Middle School Forgiveness Unit Contributor
  • Mary Ellen Cummings, Middle School Forgiveness Unit Contributor
  • Jennifer Dauphinais, Program Research – LinkedIn
  • Marcia Delcourt, Western Connecticut State University, Evaluations – LinkedIn
  • Laura Emerson, Lead Educator Elementary (Third through Fifth Grades)
  • Lindsay Fruehauf, Citations – Positive Psychology – LinkedIn
  • Brooke Gau, Middle School Program Contributor/Support
  • Barbara Georges, Graphic Design – LinkedIn
  • Dan Giella, Video Animation and Design – LinkedIn
  • Peri Giella, First and Second Grade Program Writer
  • Christopher Harris, Website Hosting and Development
  • Savannah Jay, Graphic Design
  • David and Beth Lewis, Video and Editing
  • Kate MacKinnon, Compassionate Touch
  • Allison Morgan, Zensational Kids – LinkedIn
  • Chris Parrott, BPS Chartered Counseling Psychologist – Co-founder –  Your Self Series
  • Krislyn Petti, Middle School Program
    Contributor/ Support/Piloting Educator
  • Paula Prentis, LMSW, CWP, Licensed social worker, Co-founder –  Your Self Series
  • Allison Querro, Fundraising Coordinator – LinkedIn
  • Coley Ricci, Middle School Forgiveness Unit Contributor
  • Peej Ricci, Middle School Forgiveness Unit Contributor
  • Liz Shaw, Western Connecticut State University, Evaluations
  • Fish Stark, Fellow-in Residence, Peace First Organization-provided resources for 8th Grade/HS Compassion lessons
  • Lisa Swain, Ed.S. Pre-K Program Writer
  • Chris Vary, Website Development – LinkedIn
  • Alex Wile, Citations, Neuroscience
  • Carin Winter, Mindfulness Contributor – LinkedIn