Speaking Engagements

Scarlett Lewis, mother of Jesse Lewis, speaks worldwide spreading her message to choose love.

Openly discussing her journey, Scarlett describes how Jesse’s message has been put into a simple formula of how to choose love – embracing a deeper meaning of gratitude, forgiveness and compassion. She believes that with the Choose Love Movement you can:

  • Face the impossible
  • Find courage when you think you have none
  • Choose a loving thought over an angry one
  • Cultivate faith instead of fear.

Scarlett addresses a need that has been lacking in the educational experience, social and emotional learning, SEL, and the Choose Love Enrichment Program which has been created to provide educators with free tools to teach children that they have the power to choose a loving thought over an angry one.

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Advocacy for the advancement of SEL programs in schools

  • White House Invitation
  • To meet with 200 of the top mental health professionals in the National Dialogue on Mental Health.
  • One-on-One Meeting with Vice President Joe Biden

    • Discussed the importance of SEL as a powerful proactive mental health initiative.
  • Roundtable with Senator Blumenthal
    • Discussions on the advancement of SEL and creating ways to bypass the barriers to implementation.
    • Educators throughout Connecticut were included in discussions.
  • Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence Workshop participant
  • Created the Jesse Lewis Choose Love SEL Task Force
    • Working toward the advancement of SEL and implementation in the United States
    • Consisting of teachers, SEL program founders and directors, foundation leaders, parents, SEL proponents nationwide, and politicians to collaborate

Media Interviews

  • Matt Lauer, The Today Show, NBC
  • Mike Huckabee, FOX News
  • Katie Couric, Katie
  • Piers Morgan Live, CNN
  • Numerous radio, newspaper and online news interviews


  • Recipient of the International Forgiveness Award
  • The Live Your Legacy Award
  • The Common Ground Award for her advocacy work for peace and forgiveness.


  • Nurturing, Healing, Love – 5 star rated on Amazon – Following Jess’s death, Scarlett’s journey to discovering the power of choosing love.
  • Rose’s Foal – children’s book about mother and child love

Notable Speaking Engagements

  • Jack Canfield’s Transformational Leadership Conference, Maui, Hawaii
  • Dr. Wayne Dyer’s Annual conference, Maui, Hawaii
  • State Mental Health Conferences
  • International Peace Festival International Angel Conference
  • Message of Forgiveness, Faith and Miracles, Braintree, MA
  • The Forgiveness Project at  Barnes & Noble – New York
  • The New 3Rs – Reading, Writing and Relationships, Bridgeport, CT
  • Life Talks, Marietta, GA
  • International CRE Summit 2016, Ohio


Monday, April 17, 2017 at 12PM PST – Live Online Workshop: How Kids & Parents Can Choose Love Everyday – Kate Mackinnon, PT, CST-D

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If you’re seeking support for yourself as a parent and tools to teach your school-age children, this class is for you.  Kate Mackinnon and Lauren Doko have gathered experts offering meaningful life skills & years of experience to help you parenting. Expert speakers share their most important recommendations and advice to help you be a better parent, plus provide practical tools you and your children can use.

 It’s a way we can help make the world a better place together by raising healthy kids through our children and parenting methods.  Join us on this thought-provoking series which will usher in new parenting perspectives for our youngest generations.

June 23rd-25th 2017-  Choose Love Over Fear: Practical Strategies to Help You Heal. with Scarlett Lewis and Dana Liesegang at the famous Omega Institute 

Dana Liesegang and Scarlett share their own compelling stories of how they have faced their challenges, which for many of us are our worst fears. I will be talking about how touch is so important in our lives and especially how an educated touch can be a transformative part of our healing. I wrote about how the touch of a body worker and the understanding of compassion are so important, which was recently published in Massage Magazine.


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