Book Reviews

This is an incredible story with lessons for us all. For as powerful a story as this is, it is a very breezy read, uplifting in the face of unspeakable pain, tragedy, and sorrow. Think of it--being forgiving having had your wonderful son taken away in the most horrible way imaginable and then finding out that Jesse was a complete, awesome, selfless hero. Counting Scarlett as a friend and having had the opportunity to meet Jesse (and playing with him and his beloved army men) definitely rate as a highlight of my life so far.~ C., Fiori

I read this book in one sitting, pausing only to occasionally wipe away the tears that streamed down my cheeks. I realized that I wasn't crying because the book was sad (although it told of an incomprehensible event - the massacre of 20 students and 7 teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School), but rather because I resonated so deeply with its innate truth - Love Never Ends. In choosing to tell this story, Scarlett Lewis has offered the world a great gift. Her six year old son, Jesse's wish for us all - choose Love - Nurturing, Healing Love - over anger and hate. I love this beautiful book. I read it, absorbed it and hope that I can live it every day!~ E.M. Jalph

I cried the whole time I read it--there wasn't a page that didn't make me cry, but there were things that made me laugh too and lots of places where I felt inspired and transformed by the magic of love that helped her during this difficult experience (and continues to be with her.) As she says, "Love never ends." A must read.~ F. Colley

This is one of the greatest books I've ever read!!! I send you tons of love and light and hold the intention strong in my heart for this mission. Your souls are truly an inspiration in this world. Your life story makes me want to do more and to be more. I know without a doubt Jesse's spirit was right here with me provoking thoughts and ideas of how to make a difference in my own life/community. He's a global messenger and it warms my heart that his mother and brother are being the role models of bringing forth love and compassion. You are strong and mighty souls with such important roles during these shifting times to a NEW EARTH. With great love, adoration, and Angelic Blessings Always! NAMASTE~ From Facebook

This book is a quick read, but the message is deep... and long-term. Nurturing, Healing Love will last the test of time because it is the direction humanity is heading--it is a universal message. We create love in this world by thinking lovingly. Peace begets peace. To replace one angry thought with one loving thought a day is a tall order, because it requires diligence and patience, but hopefully one more of us are willing to hear and act on this message that has been coming to us in various forms since the beginning of time. A truly inspired book, it has encouraged me to continue my daily walk in my own healing and spirituality. The love and compassion we share with others is ultimately for ourselves and I think this book embodies this idea perfectly. I couldn't be happier that I picked up this very special book. It was worth every penny and I'm planning on buying more copies of Nurturing Healing Love to send out as gifts this year!~ Erin

I've been struggling with depression. This book spoke to me. I read it from cover to cover in one seating. It has filled my heart with hope and compassion. I will now work hard to spread peace and be the light in the dark. Much love to you Scarlett! To you too T.J.!~ Tami

Beautiful. Healing magic. Inspirational story of a woman who chose love when she had every reason to die to herself. If she can, we all can. I felt my own attachment to my own grief slipping away while reading this book. Magic. <3 Jesse <3~ C. Lee

A great book with a message of choosing love over negativity. Much needed in today's often violent world. The power of our thoughts can and will change the world for the best! Thank you Scarlett and your angel Jesse for that message ♡~ A. Summers

f this mother can heal from her trauma and still send the message "choose love" imagine what the world can do! Tears were rolling down my cheeks as I read NURTURING HEALING LOVE. The story is riveting, and upon finishing it, my heart is lighter and I'm feeling inspired. I hope this author's level of consciousness is reflective of a growing number of people in our world. Let's hope we reach a tipping point soon. I can't recommend this book highly enough.~ C. Sanderson

Beautiful story of love, forgiveness, and finding happiness after the tragic and unimaginable passing of her child. A page turner that will bring you tears, joy, and peace.~ A. Rutledge

This is one of the most beautiful books I have ever written. Everyone on the planet needs to read this book. It is life changing.~ velvetfairy

Turning a heart breaking tragedy into a mission to help the world is just an amazing task. You can feel the emotional journey of Scarlett and her family, and the love and amazing spirit of Jesse. This story makes me want to choose love every day, for myself, for my family, for all people. It's the best tribute we can give these innocent souls. This message can truly change the world one heart at a time. ~ T. Zimmerman

I'm sure it wasn't an easy decision to make public her story, but Scarlett Lewis did it with such generosity of spirit and gut-wrenching eloquence, for a purpose: to show the world that even through the most unthinkable violence, love and compassion can still triumph.~ T. Torres